Thursday, November 27, 2008

WiZiQ Dimata Para Blogger Dunia Pendidikan

Beberapa bulan ini, makin banyak pengajar dan pemerhati pendidikan mulai menggunakan dan menulis pendapat mereka tentang WiZiQ. Di post kali ini, Saya memilih beberapa dari pendapat mereka:

1. Lawrence [Second Life Second Language] menulis dalam postnya WiZiQ-VLE:

“I think this is a great VLE (VIRTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT). It's free and I have found it to be versatile and user friendly I cannot recommend it enough. I have started lessons is ESP(English for Specific Purposes) conducting a 1:1 course preparing for a written exam in financial English. The student likes it very much too.”

“P.S. I do not work for wiziq nor have any connection-apart from using their platform”

2. Ms. Lee [Ms. Lee's ESL/EFL Blog] dalam postnya What is Global Cooperation?:

“Another tool that I would like to utilize as part of a global cooperation project is WiZiQ. Because WiZiQ is a virtual classroom, I can also promote participation from teachers in different parts of the world. What better way to learn about India than having an actual teacher from India to teach a 'virtual' lesson through WiZiQ? WiZiQ also include a video and audio option that will come in handy for students to practice their listening and speaking skills when communicating with each other. What's more, all of the lessons done on WiZiQ can be recorded for future use. These lessons can be combined into a presentation that can be published on WiZiQ (or other global cooperation websites) for others to see.”

3. Sara [Sara's Blog] dalam postnya

"More than a classroom tool, I believe teachers can use this site for their own professional development. You can connect with other teachers from around the world based on your interests. You can also read and listen to presentations given by both teachers and students that relate to your interests. As a teacher, you can download these PowerPoint presentations and use them in your classrooms. I found informational presentations on the Incan Empire and The Spanish Explorers just by typing in Spanish as one of my interests."

4. Online Meeting Blog dalam postnya WiZiQ Offers Free Online Classroom:

"The topics of the sessions range from academics to the secrets of Tarot cards. The possibilities here are endless! If you may be interested in learning something on a topic you may find - give it a shot. There’s no telling what you may find out!"

5. Corporate Eye dala postnya Go Back To School - Online and Free:

"A somewhat more eclectic site is WizIQ. Subjects are comprehensive. Content is mostly presentations but there are free online courses that are offered by instructors. Registration required and the site has tools to develop courses."

6. Nellie Deutsch, dalam postnya Online Conference and Classrooms:

"I have used Elluminate, dimdim, hotconference, Vyew, wiziq, Interwise and others in my search for the perfect online conference and classroom. I am currently using wiziq with my nings and Moodle sites. WiZiQ is easy to use (flash-based not Java), has great sound, and youtube video feature."

Untuk review, feedback, dan pendapat lainnya tentang WiZiQ, klik di sini.

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